Tom Merchant - Head of Mathematics

Tom Merchant has been an educator since 1990. He has lived in 3 Chinese cities since arriving in 2012 – Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai. During his time teaching in North Carolina, he became the first exchange teacher to Nan Shi Fu Zhong in 2007. He felt such a strong connection to the culture that five years later he returned to live full time. He taught at the Hangzhou #14 AP Center for three years, introducing the Flipped Classroom model of learning, before moving to the position of Mathematics Academic Quality Manager with Dipont. As AQM, he traveled to more than 20 schools across China, interacting with hundreds of Chinese students, and supporting dozens of teachers in their professional development. Formerly the Head of Mathematics at Soong Ching Ling School in Shanghai, he describes himself as an “information addict.”He is passionate about learning and supporting students and colleagues to meet their true potential and perform at their very best.