Wider Leadership Team

Harry Roberts
Head of Pastoral Care & Student Support & Head of International School
Originally from Wales, UK, Harry has a wealth of international education experience in countries including, Kenya, The United States and Germany. Read More
Lin Jiang Senko
Deputy Head of Kindergarten
Lin Jiang Senko comes from the USA, and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and 19 years of Read More
Cindy Zou
Deputy Head of Kindergarten
Cindy Zou has a Bachelor degree in Pre-school Education and a Master degree in Education, has been in the profession for 10 years. Read More
Dior Sun
Deputy Head of Bilingual School G1-3
Dior Sun graduated from Cambridge University and holds an MA in Children's Literature from the Department of Education and an MA in International Chinese Language Education from Sun Yat-sen University. Read More
Wong Chi-Wen
Deputy Head of Bilingual School
Chi-Wen recognises that every child is an individual and aims to bring out the fullest potential in them through academic and non-academic endeavours. Read More
Kelly Chen
Deputy Head of Bilingual School G7-9
Kelly Chen graduated from the University of Edinburgh, and has taught humanities and international courses at the secondary level for many years. Read More
Matthew Lewent
Deputy Head of Senior School (Academic Direction)
Matthew has been working in the education sector for over 11 years, and has extensive experience in international education having taught in AP, IB and A-Level programs. Read More
Shann Li
Deputy Head of Senior School (Pastoral & Communication Direction)
Shann has more than 19 years of Teaching, Research and Management experience at University and seven years of experience as an Executive Principal at K12 international schools. Read More