Harry Jackson - Drama Coordinator and Manager of Production

Harry Jackson possesses a knowledge of performing arts and theatre education spanning over a decade. His multifaceted journey encompasses roles as an actor, producer, director, and educator, leaving an indelible mark on prestigious platforms such as the BBC, Northern Stage, Space2Talk, and Live Theatre.

He graduated from Queen Margaret University, Scotland, where he achieved a Bachelor of Honours in Performing Arts. A trailblazer from the outset, Harry was lauded with the distinguished QMU Santander Student Development Award, an honour bestowed upon him twice, in both 2017 and 2018.

Harry was also the artistic director of Amplify Time Productions which shaped Harry’s leadership and production style. He redefined classical masterpieces through a contemporary lens, captivating global audiences and securing his place at celebrated venues, including the illustrious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In 2018, Harry embarked on a transformative journey to Shanghai, embracing the role of Head of Drama at a prestigious international school. His classrooms became crucibles of creativity, nurturing student-centric drama courses that cultivated not just theatrical skills, but also the essential traits of communication and empathy.

The crowning achievement arrived in the form of the Pinghe Drama Festival of 2020, an event that showcased his students’ prowess in Shakespeare, Poetry, Voice Acting, and Physical Theatre.

Today, as the whole school Drama Coordinator and Manager of Production at Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Sciences, Harry’s impact extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. His dedication to cross-disciplinary collaboration empowers students to embark on unique learning journeys, fostering a profound sense of ownership and creativity.

Harry’s influence extends to workshops that span a diverse tapestry of theatrical styles and themes, a testament to his commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals. 

His role as a coach and judge for Public Speaking competitions adds yet another dimension to his already impressive portfolio.

A sought-after speaker, Harry has graced renowned platforms such as SPS, NOVO, and TEDx Shanghai, championing the transformative power of performing arts education.

He is currently studying for a PGCE with iQTS at the University of Coventry and NITE London reflects his insatiable hunger for growth and excellence. In every step of his vibrant journey, Harry Jackson ignites the magic of learning, crafting a future where creativity, curiosity, and collaboration reign supreme. His unwavering dedication shapes young minds and propels positive change.