Meenu Khan - Head Librarian

Highly experienced professional librarian, thrilled to begin her nineteenth year in the academic library and Information services and still loving it. With International experience and Master’s in Library and Information Science from India.

She brings a wealth of extensive knowledge in offering efficient school library services. She is well versed with ways how to make reading more inviting, exciting and how to motivate students to become lifelong readers .She feels the library is a place to explore, discover, imagine and create. She strongly believes that every student deserves to see themselves represented in the literature that surrounds them. As a librarian, she aims to develop empathy among students by motivating them to read and learn from different life experiences.

The Library is a place to help students learn to think critically, become knowledgeable researchers and global citizens. Her vision for the library and the time spent in the library, should always be safe for students to be themselves, ask questions and share ideas. She enjoys being part of Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Science community and sharing her passions and talents with students and colleagues. As it gives her a chance to help in discovering the research riches that promote problem solving and succeed academically.

She hopes to play a large part in helping  students and staff with all their needs as well as inspiring  students to reach for the stars with their feet on the ground. She passionately believes that there is an association between reading and educational success. Therefore, She hopes to inspire a love of reading in our students that will help them succeed academically in their school career and beyond.

“School Libraries are very important. A quiet place to read, or look at pictures to discover or daydream. A place where the imagination can be free.”   –Eric Carle, Author/Illustrator