Weekly Menu

Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Science has always been committed to providing safe and nutritionally rich dining services, ensuring that every student on campus can enjoy healthy and delicious meals. In order for parents and students to better understand our cafeteria menu and ingredient selection, we share with you weekly nutritional meal plans for kindergarten to high school students.

We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the school’s dining services meet the highest standards, providing students with balanced and delicious dining options. Let’s strive together for the healthy growth of students and create a better learning environment for them. Wishing all students to thrive and grow strong with nourishing and delicious meals.

Weekly Menu (Click to view the detailed weekly menu):

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2024.1.15-2024.1.19)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2024.1.8-2024.1.12)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2024.1.2-2024.1.5)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.12.18-2023.12.22)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.12.11-2023.12.15)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.12.04-2023.12.08)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.11.27-2023.12.01)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.11.20-2023.11.24)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.11.13-2023.11.17)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.11.06-2023.11.10)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.10.30-2023.11.03)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.10.23-2023.10.27)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.10.16-2023.10.20)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.10.09-2023.10.13)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.9.25-2023.9.28)

Weekly Menu每周营养餐,“食”刻与你分享(2023.9.18-2023.9.22)