Message Regarding School Name Change
Wednesday 7 Sep 2022

This is our original vision when establishing this school, and we never dare to forget it despite the lapse of time.

100th Day of G1丨100-Day Old G1 Students Go Back to Kindergarten
Saturday 6 Mar 2021

Let’s Journey to the Past!

New Year Celebrations丨Dragon Dance, Paper-Cut, New Year Carnival…That’s How We Celebrate the Festival!
Thursday 11 Feb 2021

It’s time to celebrate Lunar New Year!As the Chinese New Year is approaching, students and teachers enjoyed the traditional festival by various traditions custom and activities. Playing dragon dances, writing “Fu”,cutting paper-cut, making dumplings, Chinese New Year concert, Chinese New Year carnival….. We can feel their happiness and love for traditional festival

King’s Radio Show | King’s On Air
Friday 29 Jan 2021

King’s RadioWe are delighted to introduce our first ev

Sensory Storytelling丨How Does Story Change the Class of Kindergarten?
Saturday 23 Jan 2021

Ms. Natasha and Her Sensory Storytelling

Charity Activities | Their kindnesses make a big difference
Friday 25 Dec 2020

Our students participated in many charity activities this year.

Author of October | Meet Shel Silverstein
Thursday 5 Nov 2020

If you are a dreamer, come in.

Transition of Maths Teaching and Learning from Primary School to Secondary School
Saturday 13 Jun 2020

Laying out the foundation for the next stage of mathematics learning

Students have won awards in the British Physics Olympiad
Friday 22 May 2020


See How Creative our High School Students Are!
Sunday 10 May 2020

In our ICC (International Curriculum Centre), you can become a comic artist, sculptor, graphic designer or photographer.