Congratulations to our students on receiving the interview invitations from University of Cambridge
Friday 1 Dec 2023

At the beginning of the 2024 Application Season, Good news keeps coming!  Congratulations to two of our students Tracy and Skyla. have been selected interview at the world’s top university University of Cambridge! Both students joined our school at the time of its founding and have spent six fulfilling years

Executive Principal Stephen Keown honored as Qianjiang Friendship Ambassadors 2023 Awards Ceremony
Wednesday 22 Nov 2023

Stephen Keown, the Executive Principal of Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Science, was awarded “Qianjiang Friendship Ambassadors 2023” for his outstanding contribution to international education in Hangzhou.

Rethinking International Education
Saturday 18 Nov 2023

Only by ensuring that the school’s education is better managed can one garner more support and achieve better development.

Our school held a Three-Year Development Plan Discussion Seminar
Monday 13 Nov 2023

“Notice on the Requirement of Formulating the Three-year Development Plan for Private Schools from 2024 to 2026” of Yuhang District Education Bureau.

Renowned Cambridge University scholar William Connor visits our school
Wednesday 8 Nov 2023

William Connor, Director of Organizational Development at Hughes College, Cambridge University and former Fellow of Wolvershampton College, Oxford University came to visit our school.

Tree Planting Ceremony: Cultivating Bonds between Our School and King’s College School Wimbledon
Friday 3 Nov 2023

The planting of this small tree symbolizes our fundamental mission of “Building Virtues and Enriching People,” while envisioning a bright future ahead.

Liangzhu Cultural Journey | Exploratory Learning, Making 5,000 Years of Civilization Accessible
Tuesday 18 Jul 2023

In June, as the spark of the Asian Games was ignited in Liangzhu, the light of civilization spanning five thousand years shines on the future of the Asian Games, illuminating the beauty of culture and once again drawing the world’s attention to the ancient city of Liangzhu, which carries splendid

Awards | Blossoming in Mathematics, Programming, and Computer Fields, Our Students Receive Multiple Honors!
Monday 3 Jul 2023

As this semester draws to a close, students have achieved various accomplishments: some have improved their academic performance, others have received awards for the first time, some have participated in exciting events, and still others have taken the stage for the first time… With each small effort, the students have

Achieve Greater Success with Driving Ambition! Congratulations to the Class of 2023 High School Graduates!
Friday 16 Jun 2023

Three years ago, 55 students entered the gates of Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Sciences, full of anticipation. Time flew by, with 1,095 days and nights passing. Each classroom recorded their relentless efforts. Every activity witnessed their gradual growth. Every honor carried the weight of their hard work. ……

The Admission Brochure for the 2023-2024 Academic Year for Kindergarten and Elementary School Admission at Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Science
Monday 29 May 2023

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