Open Day | Enjoy British Education in Hangzhou
Monday 22 Apr 2024

Are you aspiring to study abroad? Do you wish to experience the academic atmosphere of overseas campuses in advance, immerse yourself in authentic British-style courses, enhance your English proficiency in an English-speaking environment, and establish profound friendships with classmates from different countries? Welcome to King’s College International School Hangzhou! Step

Instructional Writing | 提升学生能力:开启《我的世界》大冒险,学习指导性写作
Wednesday 21 Feb 2024

At King’s International School, the IG4 students recently embarked on an exciting journey to enhance their writing skills by delving into the world of instructions. Understanding the importance of instructions in real-life scenarios, the students were encouraged to apply their knowledge by crafting detailed instructions on how to use Minecraft.

Celebrating Chinese New Year | 龙行龘龘,前程朤朤
Wednesday 21 Feb 2024

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a significant and widely celebrated holiday in Chinese culture. It signifies the start of the lunar calendar and is a time for family gatherings, festivities, and various cultural traditions. King’s College International School Hangzhou embraced the joyful spirit of

Graduates’ Talk | Cambridge University Admitted Student Zhu Siyan
Wednesday 7 Feb 2024

For Tracy, fulfilling her dream of a Cambridge University offer was a bit surprising; but looking back on her journey of growth, this offer was a testament to her hard work and talent.

Radio Station | Illuminating Students’ Minds and Voices
Wednesday 31 Jan 2024

As the semester passed in the vibrant campus, the students gained their growth and insights. The students who have participated in the Radio Station CCA have used their voices to convey their love and anticipation for the world.

Congratulations to our student for receiving Cambridge University Offer!
Thursday 25 Jan 2024
Improving Student Skills: Embark on a “Minecraft” Adventure, Learning Expository Writing
Wednesday 24 Jan 2024

At King’s International School, the IG4 students recently embarked on an exciting journey to enhance their writing skills by delving into the world of instructions.

IG3 Learning | Embark on an exciting writing journey with IG3 students
Tuesday 23 Jan 2024

At King’s College International School, Grade 3 students recently engaged in an extraordinary and delicious adventure known as the Armpit Fudge Experience! Filled with enthusiasm and eager to explore, our young learners dove into this hands-on activity, blending the perfect mix of fun, learning, and creativity. Our classroom buzzed with

Field Trip | Visit giants of the gaming industry with KS3 students!
Monday 22 Jan 2024

Such experiences play a pivotal role in enhancing our students’ understanding of the dynamic world of gaming and possible career paths in the future.

Offers Rock | 107 offers have been received! Click to know the latest results!
Monday 22 Jan 2024

As of January 19, 2024, Hangzhou Dipont School of Arts and Science students have received a total of 107 offers, including 2 acceptances from the UK’s top G5 schools and 55 acceptances from the Russell Group of British Universities, covering the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions, and encompassing more than 30 majors, including Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Art.