Celia Wang - Primary Mathematics Coordinator

Celia Wang holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Zhejiang Normal University. She has taught primary school mathematics in public schools and international schools and has been teaching primary school mathematics for nearly 30 years, including five years’ experience in teaching the IB curriculum, and has served as a primary school mathematics preparation group leader and a teaching and research group leader. She has won the first prize in the All-round A group of the county primary school teachers’ basic skills competition, the first prize in the county primary school teachers’ subject teaching skills competition for individuals, the subject leader of the special teacher’s workshop, the first prize in the district primary school mathematics teaching and research group leader’s literacy competition for comprehensive literacy assessment; many papers and designs have won prizes in district, city and provincial competitions, and she has coached students to participate in various mathematics competitions at all levels, and many students have won prizes in district, city, provincial, national and international competitions. Awarded several gold medal instructors and outstanding coaches.
She is familiar with the compulsory education mathematics curriculum and is passionate about developing students’ interest in mathematics and expanding their thinking. She is also a keen teacher of mathematics and has been involved in the development of students’ interests and thinking.