Jiří Kaspar - Head of Senior School CCA

Jiří ‘George‘ Kaspar, comes from Czech Republic with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Master’s degree in Philology, has been based in China, where he’s worked at bilingual schools for the last six years.

George is the first teacher from our school to receive the prestigious Advanced Class award and the first foreign teacher to receive the Advanced Class award in Hangzhou, Yuhang district.

George prides himself on his extensive IB, leadership and curriculum work and training, namely his IB Certificate in Leadership Practice; and Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University.

George is a big proponent of innovation in education, believing that students learn best via immersion and when allowed to leverage their interests within the curriculum.

George has a great track record with his students attending a number of international and inter-school competitions from GoodTalk, through NHSDLC to Youth Leaders International Forum and most recently, also EnterpRISE.

George is an avid film maker, having produced numerous videos and short films.