Counselling at Your Hands (Part 1)
Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

Whenever new students join our high school, some of them and their parents will ask, “What is a university counsellor?” This seemingly simple question is not always easy to answer.

Maths Week Recap
Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

During last week (9 Mar – 14 Mar), we held our first Maths Week for RDFZ King’s College School. The emphasis was on developing an understanding of, and interest in, mathematics and its application. Each day pupils and parents participated in creative activities. It is an online one due to the

Online Learning can be Fun!
Sunday 15 Mar 2020

The children of International Grade 1 and 2 learnt about their own local habitat

First online counselling with Bath Rep
Saturday 22 Feb 2020

Ciara Newby, admissions representative of the University of Bath, has held an online admission event for the ICC students of RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou on February 20, 2020. Over 70 grade 10 and 11 students attended the event held on the Teams platform and organised by the School’s university

Donation and Artwork: We are One Community
Monday 10 Feb 2020

Cultivating students’ social responsibility is always been one of our key educational concepts.

Chinese New Year’s Greetings
Friday 24 Jan 2020

Greetings from Bruce Thompson

Innovation Week, de-stress after an End of Semester exams!
Monday 20 Jan 2020

“How can we diffuse a virtual bomb in virtual reality with only my classmates to help me?” This was the type of challenge the students were faced with during Innovation Week.

Fire Training Activity
Friday 29 Nov 2019

What to do if there’s a fire at our school? Where are the fire exits for rapid evacuation? Do you remember how to use a fire extinguisher?

Hangzhou International Day with King’s
Sunday 8 Sep 2019

The Hangzhou International Day exhibition was held on Sept. 5th and lasted until 8th.

Parent-Teacher Meet-up
Friday 30 Aug 2019

As the start of the new academic year dawns upon us, parents had the opportunity to meet our new Head of International School, Mr. Stephen Keown.