We Are Back!
Friday 8 May 2020

We have had so much fun at Kings International School

Earth Day x World Book Day
Thursday 30 Apr 2020

Our goal is to help students to acquire not just information, but the skills and judgement to make good use of that information.

What do we teach in Chinese classes?
Sunday 26 Apr 2020

There are two main groups of students in our international school. One are native Chinese speakers, the other group are non-native Chinese speakers. We have different teaching systems for these groups.

First Lesson | Seize the Day
Friday 24 Apr 2020

The spring semester of 2020 did not start as scheduled, but we are glad that on April 20th, we saw many of our students again.

Online Winners for “21st Century Cup”
Sunday 12 Apr 2020

Congratulations to the four winning students!

PBL | Go Away, Coronavirus!
Friday 27 Mar 2020

We have designed a Project-based activity “Go Away, Coronavirus!” for Bilingual Grade 2 and 3 students.

Counselling at Your Hands (Part 2)
Friday 27 Mar 2020

ICC students already possess the basic concepts of university planning, some basic knowledge from counselling, and know what kind of help they can obtain from university counselling.

Counselling at Your Hands (Part 1)
Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

Whenever new students join our high school, some of them and their parents will ask, “What is a university counsellor?” This seemingly simple question is not always easy to answer.

Maths Week Recap
Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

During last week (9 Mar – 14 Mar), we held our first Maths Week for RDFZ King’s College School. The emphasis was on developing an understanding of, and interest in, mathematics and its application. Each day pupils and parents participated in creative activities. It is an online one due to the

Online Learning can be Fun!
Sunday 15 Mar 2020

The children of International Grade 1 and 2 learnt about their own local habitat