Improving Student Skills: Embark on a “Minecraft” Adventure, Learning Expository Writing

Wednesday 24 Jan 2024

At King’s International School, the IG4 students recently embarked on an exciting journey to enhance their writing skills by delving into the world of instructions. Understanding the importance of instructions in real-life scenarios, the students were encouraged to apply their knowledge by crafting detailed instructions on how to use Minecraft. This hands-on approach not only fostered their writing abilities but also ignited their creativity and generated immense interest among their peers.

Instructions play a vital role in our daily lives, guiding us through various tasks and activities. From assembling furniture to operating complex machinery, comprehending instructions is crucial for achieving desired outcomes efficiently and safely. By teaching students the art of writing clear and concise instructions, King’s International School aims to equip them with a valuable life skill that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

To make the learning process engaging and immersive, the IG4 students were introduced to the popular game Minecraft. They were tasked with constructing their own virtual houses, documenting each step and taking screenshots along the way. This practical approach allowed them to grasp the nuances of instructional writing while exploring their creativity in a digital environment.

Once the students completed their Minecraft creations, they began the process of transforming their experiences into well-crafted instructions. They drafted their instructions, paying close attention to clarity, sequencing, and the use of appropriate vocabulary. With guidance from their teacher, they refined their drafts, ensuring that their instructions were easily understandable and user-friendly.

The culmination of their hard work was showcased on a vibrant display board outside the classroom. The students’ instructions, accompanied by captivating visuals of their Minecraft houses, captured the attention of their peers and sparked curiosity. This display not only celebrated their achievements but also inspired other students to explore the world of instructional writing and Minecraft.

The IG4 4 students’ instructional writing project generated a significant amount of interest among their fellow students. The vivid display of their work served as a conversation starter and encouraged meaningful discussions on the importance of clear instructions.

This peer engagement not only fostered a sense of community but also emphasised the practical applications of instructional writing in various fields.

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