Online Winners for “21st Century Cup”

Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Initially affected by the epidemic, the eighteenth China Daily’s “21st Century Cup” English speech for primary and middle school students in Zhejiang Province was long overdue, and was switched to an online video format.
In this year’s Zhejiang Provincial Finals, Amelia Fan  won the first prize, Francesca Shi received the third prize; second grade Allen Du won the first prize, and fourth grade Linsey Shentu won the third prize.
Congratulations to the four winning students!
I am very glad to receive the first prize in Zhejiang Province in the 21st Century Speech Contest this time. I have been actively preparing for this contest at school. Many thanks to the teachers in the school for their support and encouragement for the competition, especially for the help of Mr. Shelton and Mr. Easom! Mr. Shelton has been helping me to revise my speech very carefully and responsibly. Mr. Easom has also taught me a lot of skills and always encouraged me before the competition! Thank you teachers and schools for your hard work! The teachers are working hard!——Amelia
Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, this provincial competition was changed to online. It was a whole new experience for me. From the setting of the speech scene, the debugging of the lighting network, to the online practice again and again, I found it very interesting. One month before preparing for the city competition, Mr. shelton used his noon and CCA time to provide classrooms for us to recite speeches, practise gestures, and teach us speech skills. We prepared together with junior high school students and made suggestions to each other. This is an efficient way to improve. He and Mr Easom both helped me to change the manuscript. Mr Easom has always been concerned about our progress and the news of the contest in the preparation stage of the provincial competition. Thank you very much for your dedication and care! Unfortunately, the results of this competition were not quite what I  hoped for. Even so, I still learned a lot and made a lot of new friends. In the future, I hope to continue to brighten my English-speaking skills and continue to step out of my comfort zone.——Francesca
I like English speech contests, and every time I prepare carefully. The more proficient the preparation, the more fluent and natural I will be. Participating in the competition of the senior group of elementary school this time was quite different from the participation in the lower group in the past. The lecture time is also longer, and the preparation needs to be more sufficient. The older brothers and older sisters who also met in the preliminary round felt great. I did not get another first prize in this year ’s Zhejiang finals. I ’m a little sad. I hope I can make persistent efforts and get better results next time.——Linsey
I have enjoyed reading English picture books since I was a child. Because there are beautiful pictures, I will read and draw, then transition from bridge books to chapter books, and now various miscellaneous books have opened a door for me to learn English happily. The most important thing is that I develop a habit of reading. I have gained a lot through this competition. It is an experience and a growth. It not only opens up my vision but also increases my confidence. I want to thank the teachers in the school for their cultivation and care, my parents, for their encouragement and praise.——Allen
Parent Quotes
Amelia won the provincial first prize this time in the 21st Century English Cup. I was actually surprised. She has gone through the preliminary, rematch and final. With this achievement, I think she should do a few things well. First, the understanding and elaboration of the arguments are relatively clear; second, the language organisation should be smooth and fluent; third, the comparative standard of spoken language is also an indispensable part. Of course, there is still a part of luck, she may be better at the arguments.
Lindsey has always been very interested in English. She has participated in the 21st Century English Speech Contest  three times. After careful preparation, she has obtained positive results. She understands that the preparation phase of the game is a learning process for her. The more fully prepared, the more confident she will be on the field. The process of the competition is a very rare opportunity for exercise and insight. Exercise her bravery, self-confidence and calmness during the competition, and through the contact with more outstanding contestants, realise her gaps and promote her persistence.
I am very fortunate that Allen can meet  partners who have a common hobby in English on this platform. He can now hear and speak freely in English without reading for a long time. There is no shortcut to learning any language. From extensive reading to intensive reading is the accumulation from quantitative change to qualitative change, and it is an exercise of perseverance of children. The competition is a process to show the theoretical knowledge of children in daily learning on the stage and practice, and it is a catalyst for children to learn English step by step. Through this competition, I hope that Allen can continue to maintain good reading and learning habits. Finally, I would like to thank the school teachers for their care and guidance in children’s learning.
The “21st Century Cup” English Speech Contest is an authoritative English competition in China. It was sponsored and sponsored by China Daily in 1996 and is aimed at students who love English learning nationwide. Participating in English competitions will help our students to develop a sense of cross-cultural communication and expand their international perspective.
We believe that more and more students from our school will show their style in the competition and create excellence together!