Pastoral Care

Pastoral care fosters the emotional, social and academic development of the whole child. It helps to build self-esteem and provides the skills to enable and support learning. Pastoral care provides a safe environment for pupils to explore ideas, feelings and concepts.

Happy, healthy pupils are far more likely to do well at school and the goal of the pastoral team is to provide a point of personal contact for every student. Tutors, international and Chinese, primarily take responsibility for this point of contact and have an overview of how a pupil is doing both academically and socially. Pupils’ potential is maximised through close relationships between pastoral and academic staff.

Pastoral care permeates every aspect of school life. Robust safeguarding policies and procedures ensures that student wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do. Every member of staff is technically part of the pastoral care programme, as everyone takes an interest in ensuring that our pupils are well looked after. The boarding team, heads of house, heads of year and school tutors are, however, at the forefront of our pastoral care programme.

Tutor system

Tutors are the main support for pupils at schools. They communicate regularly with pupils on daily concerns and topics of interest, to help them feel secure and comfortable in the community.


Boarding at RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou is central to the life of the School. Staff are on campus to provide support and care and boarders develop independence, social skills and a sense of community.

House system

The house system is the pastoral hub of the school. Houses establish a smaller environment where pupils can collectively enjoy one another’s company in a healthily competitive environment. Belonging to, and loyalty towards, a house creates a strong culture within the School. The following are goals of our house system:

  • To facilitate a cohesive community in which our international and Chinese pupils meet regularly and share common house activities, in an English-speaking environment
  • To deliver effective and individual pastoral care to all of our pupils
  • To generate house spirit
  • To generate a climate of healthy and vibrant competition
  • To provide a clear link to co-curricular key school events with a balance across sport, service, cultural and academic activities