Elementary and Junior High

Our elementary and junior high school sections cover Grades 1-9, offering the Chinese National Curriculum integrated with international teaching methodology and content.

Pupils benefit from an integrated curriculum delivered by teaching teams of Chinese and international teachers. Our rigorous curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of each individual by ensuring a breadth of educational experience and academic depth that prepares them for progression through the School. It encourages students to explore, discover and excel, while learning fundamental concepts that lead to academic success in the years to come.

Elementary School

In Grades 1-6, the curriculum consists of Chinese, English, mathematics, basic science, music, art, moral and ethical education and physical education. In addition, pupils study a school-designed humanities programme of practical activities that take place within the school campus. English instruction is used throughout to encourage bilingual skills as pupils progress through the school.

Classes are shared between a Chinese and an English speaker, with Chinese-speaking assistants supporting pupils in language learning. This approach creates a genuinely bilingual learning environment. The international teacher teaches English, mathematics and science (with some co-teaching) while the Chinese teacher teaches Chinese and humanities subjects, and shares some of the mathematics teaching.

Project-based learning supports independent and cooperative learning, and there is emphasis on exploration, investigation and creative thinking.

Junior high school

As pupils enter junior high school level in Grades 7, the humanities programme distinguishes between geography and history, with science also splitting into three distinct disciplines. Politics and ICT are added as compulsory elements.

The Chinese curriculum is taught through Grades 7-9 by subject specialists from both Chinese and international backgrounds. We have international teachers in English, science, drama, art, PE and music.

Use of IT to enhance learning is encouraged.

Delivered in ChineseDelivered in EnglishDelivered by specialist teachers
GeographyHistoryBasic scienceChemistryArt
Moral and ethical educationMathematicsBiologyPhysical education
Humanities programme, Practical activities