New Year Greetings from our Executive Principal

Wednesday 2 Jan 2019

Our executive principal Bruce Thompson wrote to parents with his greetings for the New Year:

“The calendar year 2018 was very special for all of us, with the opening of RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou. As we reach the end of 2018, it is interesting to look back and to see how much has been achieved by so many people working together to launch the school, with what a British consultant told me recently is the highest number of pupils he has seen recruited in one year for a new school.

“That this number was achieved is a tribute to the astonishing work put in by the start up team and, of course, to your faith and support in our project. We now see over seven hundred pupils happy in their new school and already achieving a huge amount.

“There have been challenges for them in the academic work, especially in working in English for a substantial part of the time. But progress here has been impressive.

“We are introducing a concept of pastoral care that I firmly believe is the strongest available and will become more and more effective as everyone becomes more familiar with it.

“The co-curricular programme is very ambitious and, again, many of the activities and the approach are not those with which the pupils are familiar. The responses to the recent school run, composers concert, Chinese literature day and kindergarten show are indicative of the extent to which pupils are beginning to adopt and contribute to the ethos of the school and there is already a strong supportive attitude that reflects very well on all involved.

“In 2019, we aim not only to expand the numbers but also crucially to continue to build on all aspects that will improve steadily as all become familiar with our aims, ethos and expectations.

“We are putting a lot of effort into recruiting top-level staff and to listening to parents and pupils so that we can all work together with the simple aim of producing an outstanding school with the development of each individual at its heart. I assure you that my team and I are committed to this aim and look forward to working with you towards its realisation.

“I look forward to welcoming the pupils back to school after the short break and wish you and your families every health and happiness in 2019.”