Pastoral Leadership Team

Ally Chen
Bilingual Head of Grade 1&3
Ally Chen, has 10 years of experience in international education teaching, English teaching and 6 years of IB teaching experience, and has been a Training Officer and Visiting Officer of the IB for the Asia Pacific region since 2019. Read More
Sharon Ye
Head of Grade 2
Sharon Ye graduated with a master’s degree in Education from the University of Edinburgh, and will always support students with respect, equity and continued commitment towards education. Read More
Cecilia Wu
Head of Grade 4
Cecilia Wu graduated from Hangzhou Normal University and is well versed in dance education and music education. Read More
Jasmine Wilkinson
Head of Grade 5
Jasmine Wilkinson is a qualified primary teacher from England. She obtained a First-Class Honours degree from Durham University. Read More
Jade Jia
Head of Grade 7
Jade Jia has a Master's degree in English translation and holds a Certificate in English 8, and has been responsible for organizing and participating in the curriculum development. Read More
Lancy Wang
Head of Grade 8
Lancy Wang has obtained her master degree in TCSOL from Fudan University and has been working in the Chinese education for over 5 years. Read More
Mary Li
Mary Li graduated from Renmin University of China and holds an MA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She is passionate about teaching and understands the characteristics and ideas of junior high school students very well. Read More
Cici Wang
Head of Grade 10
Cici Wang has been deeply involved in international mathematics education for 5 years, and has coached students to win the global Top 1% and several gold medals in international mathematics competitions. Read More
Amy Zheng
Head of Grade 11
Amy Zheng graduated from Fudan University in 2010 with a PhD in Organic Chemistry, and has more than 10 years teaching experiences. Read More
Ericsnow Otieno
Head of Grade 12
Ericsnow Otieno has holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Chemistry and a Master of science in Education. He also has more than 14 years teaching experience, the last 6 of those in China. Read More
Linda Luo
Head of Boarding
Linda Luo has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the private education section, and will support each and everyone of the child to be the best of himself/herself. Read More