Management Team

Wong Chi-Wen
Deputy Head of Bilingual School
Chi-Wen recognises that every child is an individual and aims to bring out the fullest potential in them through academic and non-academic endeavours. Read More
Matthew Lewent
Matthew has been working in the education sector for over 11 years, and has extensive experience in international education having taught in AP, IB and A-Level programs. Read More
Shann Li
Deputy Head of Senior School
Shann has more than ten years of Teaching, Research and Management experience at University and seven years of experience as an Executive Principal at K12 international schools. Read More
Linda Luo
Head of Boarding
Linda Luo has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the private education section, and will support each and everyone of the child to be the best of himself/herself. Read More
Grace Guo
Head of Art
She has unique views on curriculum structure, design and teaching, and she is familiar with IGCSE, A-level, PYP, IMYC and DP. Read More
Rok Hozjan
Head of Music
His lifelong dedication to music is a combination of performing and passing the knowledge gained with hands on experience to students of all ages. Read More
Lisa Canham
International Primary Curriculum Coordinator
Lisa commits herself whole-heartedly to the ideas of the school community and believes that every child is unique and can succeed. She strives to promote a creative curriculum by using different approaches. Read More
Mxolisi Valashia
Head of Science
Mxolisi Valashia has 14 years of education experience and has been involved with education reform. Read More
Mario Pons
Head of Computer Science and Technology
Mario completed his degree at the University of Westminster, and has more than 8 years experience in teaching. Read More
Meenu Khan
Head Librarian
Highly experienced professional librarian, thrilled to begin her 19th year in the academic library and Information services and still loving it. Read More